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How To Register as a Seller

Guidelines to Remember

  • All the articles should be 600-800 words.
  • All anchor text has to be DOFOLLOW
  • All backlinks will be for life.
  • The topic of the content should match both the seller’s and buyer’s website.

How to register with StaLinks


To be able to start you will need to register and give us some information about . After registration you will receive a validation email. Please click on the link to finalise your registration


Few more steps to be patient we need more information to validate your accound to receive your payment. Registering your account is free after registration please submit your account

Upload csv of your URls


At the left corner of the screen, go to the “Seller” menu and select the ” List Backlinks to Buy” tab. The backlink seller must prepare a CSV Excel file first with
columns containing the information about the URL, Price and Include Article ( yes/no).


Upload the CSV to generate your list of URL’s. Upload the sale order. TO do this, click the buttons that reads “choose file” at the upper side of the screen. Take note that the system only accepts CSV Excel file with columns for URL, Price and Include Article.


Your URL’s list will be pending for validation.
StaLinks team will generate the SEO score of the seller’s website. Our platform will automatically give the Ahref Score such as:

  • URL Rating
  • Domain Rating
  • Backlinks Referring Domains
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Traffic

* We do this to be transparent and protect our buyers from unsrucpulous seller.

This will help improve your sells.


You will receive a notification for every purchase’s orders on your URL’s.

Follow up your sells

Follow up your incomes

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