How to become a backlinks writer and start making money !

Do it in 3 easy steps!

How to register as a writer

Guidelines to Remember

  • All the articles should be 600-800 words.
  • All anchor text has to be DOFOLLOW
  • All backlinks will be for life.
  • The topic of the content should match both the seller’s and buyer’s website.

How to register with StaLinks


To be able to start you will need to register and give us some information about . After registration you will receive a validation email. Please click on the link to finalise your registration


Few more steps to be patient we need more information to validate your accound to receive your payment. Registering your account is free after registration please submit your account

Start to write

Writers are responsible for writing quality content that will become the backbone in building backlinks. The writer team will need to collaborate with the SEO team, Customer Service Sellers, and country managers to create the content for StaLinks clients. The writer must know how to research and write content based on various topics and industry trends that match the target website.

Writing Process in StaLinks


To begin writing and uploading a new article, click on the “Article” tab under Main Navigation. The table on this page contains all articles that have been done, and all articles that have yet to be completed. You’ll be able to quickly spot which articles have yet to be done, as their cells in the “Date Start” and “Date Completed” columns are empty


To open a new article, click on the “Edit” button in the rightmost column. It has the image of a pen on it. This will open a blank article.


Before writing your article, take note of the “URL Publisher”, “Anchor Text” and the website indicated at the “Link to”. These details will shape what kind of article you will write. You can visit the URL Publisher and landing page website (site inside the “link to” box) to get a better idea of what kind of content is published there, so that you can create an article that fits in with the rest of the site.

The “Anchor Text” is an exact word or phrase that must be used in the article. The anchor text will be embedded with the backlink that will direct readers to the site you want them to visit.


When it comes to writing, you can either write directly in the text box space provided, or you can copy-paste the text from a Microsoft Word document. The StaLinks system provides text editing tools, as indicated below. This will let you put the text in bold and italics, change the alignment, insert a link, and more.


Make sure you have proper header hierarchy when you write or upload content in StaLinks. The title should be in H1, while subheadings should be in H2. To do this click the“Format,” then go to “Block” then choose the right heading format.


After your content has been completed and properly formatted, you can now add the internal link to your anchor text. To do this, highlight the anchor text and use either the “Insert Link” feature in format tools, or right-click to see ‘insert’ On the pop-up box that will appear, paste the URL in the “Link to.” This will embed the link into your anchor text.


When you have finished writing the content, formatted it with the proper headings, and embedded the anchor text with the link, you can set the article’s status to “Done.”


Don’t forget to save your file by clicking “Save” before closing this article and moving on to the next one.


If you cannot input or change the title while in the “Article” page, go to the Main Navigation bar and click “” Then, click the “Follow Up Backlinks” tab that will appear below. Look for the “ID backlink” of the article you have written.


When you find the article, click “edit”. This will open the article’s basic information. While writers may not change the information in grey boxes, they can type in the white boxes. Go to the “Title” box and input your article’s respective title. Then, press “Save” before closing.

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