A Step-by-Step Guide on How Do I Create Backlinks to My Site?

How Do I Create Backlinks to My Site

How Do I Create Backlinks to My Site? The Essential Guide to Building Quality Backlinks for SEO Success

80% of SEO professionals believe link-building is one of the crucial tactics to include in your marketing strategy. But, knowing which backlinking strategies are effective is necessary for acquiring high-quality backlinks to be easy. How Do I Create Backlinks to My Site? In this article, we’ll cover everything from why they’re crucial to your SEO strategy to examples of different types of backlinks and even tips on acquiring them for yourself. So sit back, relax, and get ready to become a backlink pro!

Fortunately, you can gain backlinks and increase brand awareness by using various strategies together. Discover the most potent backlinking strategy and how to implement them

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on have many indicators for ranking the web. One of them is with backlinks.

Why are backlinks important?

When it comes to SEO, a backlink is like a stamp of approval. Think of each link as a “vote” of credibility for your content. The more high-quality links your website has, the more likely search engines will view your content as valuable and trustworthy.

In other words, the more links that point to your website, the higher the ranking in search engines. It’s also easier for internet users to find your website. So, more and more visitors stop by.

This backlink practice has been introduced previously. This is the initial foundation of Google’s algorithm known as PageRank.

Even though Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm, backlinks are still one of its favorite children.

5 Examples of Quality Backlinks

Maybe you keep thinking, “Wow, if you add more links, it’s that easy. Just spam links, all of you.”

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! Search engine algorithms are intelligent. 

Search Engine can judge which are good, which are okay, and which are trash. If you want to be compared, one quality link is far better than 100 perfunctory links. 

So, the backlinks must be high quality if you want a good ranking. 

How do I find it?

1. Quality backlinks come from trusted and official websites

Which makes you happy:

  1. do you get backlinks from well-known universities/technology companies’ websites or
  2. from people’s websites, you don’t know? 

Obviously, the first answer, correct?

Google also has the same treatment. This concept is known as “domain authority.” The more trusted and quality the site is, the more impact on websites that are given backlinks is even better.

This link is obviously quite challenging to get, but possible. You can continue to improve the quality of your content so that one day it has the potential to be glimpsed. 

Once quoted, the organic traffic that leads to your website can increase significantly. This traffic will later help boost the ranking of your website. 

2. Keywords also enter the anchor text of the link.

Even putting a link can only install it. Anchor text or words that are used as links also have value. Especially if the anchor text is the keyword that you are targeting. 

For example, you create an article with the main keyword “learn digital marketing.” Then a well-known website quotes your writing, and the phrase “learning digital marketing basics” in their article is used as a link to your website. Explain?

Well, there’s a bit here. Be careful with this anchor text, don’t chase rankings too openly. Why? Because Google has the Google Penguin algorithm, whose job is to filter backlinks that have the exact same anchor text. 

3. Interrelated topics

Google evaluates a quality backlink when the website is still on the same topic. 

Imagine you have a website about fishing but then get backlinks from the bicycle community website. Can I? 

Yes, that’s fine, but search engines will give you a lower value than if your page is cited by a web that focuses on discussing animal feed. 

4. Links in the form of “do follow.”

This criterion is technical, but you should pay attention to it. Why? 

The problem is that Google and other search engines ignore backlinks with “no follow” in them. So, if you get backlinks that look like this, there will be no effect on your website’s ranking.

Well! Exhausted? 

Don’t worry; luckily, most of the links in the post go to “do follow” type links. 

Moreover, “no follow” links are very easy to identify. Once the lyrics are sure, you can immediately judge, “Ah, it doesn’t matter, here.” 

These links are usually in blog comments, press releases, and paid advertisements. Is it easy? You don’t need to chase backlinks like that. 

5. The link that was given the first time

The story is that you get a backlink from website A, which has a good ranking. Happy!

Uh, how come the same website returns a link a week later? Uh, how come a month later, give it again? 

Even though it doesn’t matter, the “value” of the second backlink and so on will not be as great as the first link.

It’s better to get 10 links from various websites than to get 10 links from just one website. 

How Do I Create Backlinks to My Site? 7 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

You already understand what backlinks are and their quality criteria. Then, if you want to get backlinks, how do you start?
So, follow the tips on how to get backlinks below:

1. How do I create backlinks to my site by doing some research?

Once again, it would help if you remembered that the backlinks’ goal is to get top rankings on Google. Therefore, you also have to research to find out what other websites have backlinks.
Calm! No need to bother. You can use tools to make work easier.

One of the tools you can use is Ubersuggest. Through this tool made by SEO expert Neil Patel, you can check competitor backlink data in detail. You can also listen to data on how strong a website’s profile is based on the targeted link and its ranking.
Use the available information to prepare better content and strategies for your website.

2. How do I create backlinks to my site using Linkable assets

After doing some research, your primary need is to build linkable assets worthy of being quoted by people.

These assets include blog posts, videos, software, quizzes, surveys, etc. That has the potential to attract the attention of others.

In many cases, these assets are not created. The content is intact and comprehensive but still enjoyable. Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing usually have significant responsibilities in this area.

The more comprehensive and has excellent potential to be searched by people, the better. However, apart from that, your content should also be as unique as possible.

How to create unique content?

a. Create your version

What is the definition of unique content here? In terms of SEO, it means that the writing is not the result of copy-pasting. There are no duplicates on other websites.
Don’t worry; even though the topic may have been discussed before, you can still rewrite it in your language and make your version.

b. Create an enticing opener

Internet users often only skim through content. They might immediately close the browser tab and look for another website if it’s not interesting. If that’s the case, it will be more difficult for you to get backlinks later.
Make an exciting and clear headline. Make sure the opening describes the contents of your content.

c. Provide useful and relevant answers

People visit websites to find out something. Whether it’s about specific information, product, or service, give an “answer” that doesn’t disappoint. Even better if the writing is not fragmentary. The more complete, the more solid – as long as it’s not deliberately extended.
This tactic will make them want to come back in the future and make your website a potential reference to share.

d. Don’t forget the visuals

Additional images/videos will help you make the content look authentic. In addition, the availability of images will also provide a “relaxing space” for readers, so they don’t just see the text. The benefits of visual assets will be discussed again in the next point.
In the medium and long term, this kind of content will likely get backlinks from many websites, especially those with similar topics.


3. How do I create backlinks to my site using Visual assets?

While less potent than text content, it must be an essential visual asset to build on. Especially visible in the form of infographics.
Why? Because this content type can work both with text and standalone.
When placed with blog posts, it can clarify the discussion and make it easier for the reader. Automatically this will increase people’s engagement when visiting, and it can be quoted later.
Meanwhile, it can also be directly quoted from other websites while still including a link to the source.

4. Guest writer / Guest post

The “guest writer” strategy is still quite effective in backlinks! This method is worth trying, especially when your website is still young.
Later, you will write for other people’s websites. In that article, you can include a link to your website. Since you can choose which websites you visit, it will boost your organic traffic.
Choose a quality website that fits your website niche. If the topic is very disconnected, it might even be spam by Google.

5. Giving testimonials many 

Companies and business websites really like to include customer testimonials. Take advantage of this! Companies are happy. You can get backlinks for free!

You can review products/services through your website to get started. Remember to tell the company about your testimonial. 

They will usually include a link to the website so that the testimony looks more trusted. 

6. Reviews from bloggers

This is the opposite of the fifth point. Here you are a business owner with a product/service. 

To get backlinks so the online shop website appears first, you need to do a slightly different strategy.

You can offer your product/service for free to bloggers in exchange for a review on their blog. In that simple way, your business website can get lots of quality backlinks. 

       How to do it? 

  1. Find bloggers with a niche who might be interested in your product. You can do this by typing in a search engine with specific keywords. Then you can start building a list of potential blogs. 
  2. The list that has been made must contain an assortment of blogs/websites. So, filter again until you get a list of promising bloggers who are likely to be interested in your offer. 
  1. Contact them via professional email. Anyway, arrange your email offer as best as possible. Do not blatantly ask for backlinks. Instead, you can submit your product and then let them decide to leave a full review with a link if satisfied. 

7. Use a social media strategy.

The role of social media in building backlinks is still being debated. Social media is still useful for supporting your website’s SEO. 

Good activity and social media interaction will help bring website traffic. Thus, people will be more familiar with your website. This is where the potential arises where later they might provide backlinks. 

Social media exposure is good for your website and your brand and business in general. So, don’t hesitate to create “shareable” content. Let as many people see it as possible, and you have to wait for the results.